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Meet Don Jorge: The Grower Behind Our Plantains


Our plantain chips wouldn’t be possible without the farmers who grow plantains in the Colombian region of Quindío. If you’re anything like us, you like to learn about who’s behind the food you eat, so occasionally we’ll bring you stories of the people who help make our products a reality.

Don Jorge Agudelo owns the farm where all the plantains used for our snacks grow. He’s 80 and has been growing plantains for 50 years. Meet him in this video and watch him show us how to plant a plantain tree.


We Love Plantains, Let Us Count the Ways

Plantains at the market

We all have them: Foods that trigger childhood memories or take us back to a special place and time. For Colombians and other Central and South Americans, those dishes of their childhood and homeland include plantains, whether fried green into a delicious, crispy tostón or baked ripe into sweet, soft, caramelized goodness.

Why do we love them so? Here are five reasons we can’t get enough of them.



Redefining Healthy Snacking

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A little about us

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