5 Healthy Snacks To Take On An Airplane

travelsnacksSpring Break is around the corner and we’re packing our bags to travel to Colombia. High on our packing list are snacks for the plane. Let’s face it: airports don’t have the greatest food. Healthy options are slim and prices are high so we prefer to pack our own. Here are five snacks we love that are perfect for air travel. They’re convenient, easy to pack, not too messy and not bad for you.

1. Fruit and nuts

You can never go wrong with fruit. Bring an apple, banana or other cut up fruit in a portable container. You can also grab some dried fruit and nuts to make your own trail mix or buy a pre-made mix. And we personally love Clif’s Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bars.

2. Granola

Granola is a versatile snack to have on hand when you travel. You can snack on it and also bring it to your destination and add it to your breakfast. We love Paleokrunch’s nut-free and grain-free version.

3. Nut butters

Individually packed nut butters are the perfect size to take on trips and they’ll leave you feeling satisfied. You can always pair nut butter with fruit, spread it on rice crackers, or if you’re like us eat it with some sea salt plantain chips. We typically pack Justin’s nut butters but you can always pack what you have on hand in a small container.

4. Jerky

We’re big fans of Epic and its line of bite-sized jerky. Not only is it delicious, it’s great for sharing. They also carry meat, nut and fruit bars and a sort of meaty trail mix. Today you can find endless varieties of beef, chicken, bison and turkey jerky that you can easily pack for your next trip.

5. Chips and strips

Plane rides are much better with bagged crunchy snacks. We always carry small bags of Artisan Tropic snacks with us, whether we’re traveling or running errands. Another favorite is Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale. They have several flavors of crunchy kale and also sell kale and sweet potato chips.

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