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5 Healthy Snacks To Take On An Airplane

travelsnacksSpring Break is around the corner and we’re packing our bags to travel to Colombia. High on our packing list are snacks for the plane. Let’s face it: airports don’t have the greatest food. Healthy options are slim and prices are high so we prefer to pack our own. Here are five snacks we love that are perfect for air travel. They’re convenient, easy to pack, not too messy and not bad for you.


Artisan Tropic’s Guide to Armenia, Colombia


We’re getting ready to travel to Armenia, the city in Colombia where our snacks are made, to work on our gluten-free certification. Armenia is the capital of the Colombian department of Quindío. We love it for its beautiful shades of green thanks to its diverse vegetation and a magical climate that stays pretty close to 70 degrees year-round. Part of Colombia’s coffee-growing region (eje cafetero), the area is rich in fertile soil so aside from coffee; plantains, yuca and guadua (a type of bamboo) also grow there.

It’s a beautiful city and while it’s not one that people often think about when planning a trip to Colombia, it’s a great starting point for exploring Colombia’s coffee-growing region. We put together a small guide for those considering a visit to Armenia and its surrounding areas. Here are our top picks.